Bee Hive

It was pretty easy to get W on board with my idea for a Halloween costume this year. I just asked him if he wanted to be a bee, and he said yes. He's been interested in bees since our neighbor showed him her bee house. I'm not sure if that's the official name (is it an apiary?), but it's a number of stacked wooden box-like structures, each with a different purpose. Honey is in the topmost box.

I haven't been able to find any suitable bee costumes, but I figured it wouldn't be too hard to make them. I'm totally not up for another project like last year's monkey suit. I decided that the boys and I will be bees, and T will be the beekeeper. I was going to be the beekeeper at first, but then I realized that I had many pairs of black pants & leggings, but T was the one with white pants. No way am I interested in buying a pair of white pants.

So yesterday I picked up a long-sleeved white shirt for W, long-sleeved white onesies for M, and a bottle of yellow dye and a packet of black dye. I already own several white shirts, one of which I'll sacrifice for the project. Possibly the one I spilled red wine on last night. . .

I'm going to dye the shirts yellow to start, then tie-dye them to make the rest of the shirt black except for the yellow stripes. I haven't done that yet. I haven't dyed clothes since high school or maybe earlier, so I have only a vague idea of the process. But how hard could it be? (Famous last words, right?)

Today I took the boys out to find antennae and wings. I found antennae for W and I. They came in a costume "set" including a clip-on stinger and a bow-tie. What's with the bow-tie? Wings would have been far more useful. I found an entire bee costume for M. But I think I'll probably still dye a onesie for him so he'll match us. But I'll use the hat with bee ears (in lieu of antennae, which I didn't figure would be practical on an infant anyway), and he can use the costume as a sleeper or just wear it any old time. We dressed W up in his little mouse and tiger costumes all the time around the house because we thought he was adorable in them.

W is keenly interested in Halloween this year. He asks about it every day now. It makes it easy to get him to go along with whatever I want to do, I just explain how it relates to Halloween. For example, we took a "Halloween Walk" this afternoon. I volunteered to wear the bee antennae and W was very much into that. Fortunately he changed his mind before I had to leave the house like that. Not that it would have mattered much, very few people see us walking out here in the country, but it was more comfortable not having to wear the headband.