No Flu Shots This Year

I never used to bother getting a flu shot, because I never got the flu. Last year I gave into the hype because I was pregnant, and thought it would protect me. But I wound up having a lingering cold after I got that shot, and was more miserable than I had been in many winters. I'm not suggesting the flu shot caused the cold to linger, but I am suggesting it did me no good.

Here's a link to an article in The Atlantic magazine about the lack of evidence supporting the efficacy of flu shots. The flu shot is all hype, and just another myth perpetuated by the medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry. Like that having babies at home (away from the lethal bacteria and viruses present in hospitals) is more dangerous than having them in a hospital. It's bogus, and not based on evidence. Same with the flu shot-- there have been no studies showing that there's any reduction of mortality due to having had the shot. And the people most at risk from the flu (infants and old folks) are the ones whose bodies produce the least antibodies in response to the flu shot, so it's not even particularly useful to high-risk groups, either.