Henley Fest

There's an orchard down the road from us, and they're having what they call "Henley Fest" on Saturdays this month. This is the first Saturday we've been free to go between noon and 1. Although having been there already today, the hayrides and stuff will be going on longer that just that hour, but maybe they only want to commit to one hour a week, and adjust if there are more people showing up. I don't know.

But we did get on a hayride, and W picked an apple off a tree and picked his own pumpkin, too. At their retail "shed" (a rather large barn) we also got a bunch of different kinds of apples and cider donuts and hot cider and coffee. It was a nice little neighborhood outing. It is unlikely I will ever again bother to face the traffic and crowds up on Carter Mtn (the more famous apple-picking location). It can take an hour to crawl up the mountain on a nice weekend, and that doesn't count the 30+ minutes it would take us to drive there.

It will probably be a few years yet until our fruit trees in T's fledgling orchard start producing any fruit, and many years until they yield a lot, so we'll still be buying fruit from others for several seasons. But we're in the most orchard-y part of the county, so it's easy, somebody's got an orchard on every corner.