Cutting Garden Success

Long gone are the days when I had a flower budget of $10/week. In NYC we used to enjoy our luxury lifestyle. We'd use the good china every night (when there is no dishwasher, why not use the handwash crystal all the time?). And I always had at least one fresh vase of flowers in the house, sometimes several.

But T and I always knew (well, we've known since 2003) that our future would involve living on an isolated farm. Most likely without any great income. So years ago we came up with our master plan to continue a luxurious lifestyle on a budget. It does involve labor in lieu of cash.

Part of the plan was to have a great cutting garden so we can have beautiful bouquets of flowers in the house. Earlier this year, I decided to make our wildflower meadow border large enough to support cuttings, and it's now mature enough to provide us with fresh bouquets as often as we like them.

For this arrangement I also added in a little Russian sage, which is nearing the end of its season, and rosemary. About half of the cutting garden consists of perennial wildflowers, and since they only bloom in the 2nd year I haven't even seen those yet, these are just the annuals. Although I suspect those tiny daisy-like things are perennials that grow wild in our fields-- we have naturalized wildflowers throughout the property, too. I will overseed the wildflower meadow with annuals every spring so I should have abundant blooms throughout the season next year. I presume the current crop will only last through the frost this year.

I know some rudimentary flower-arranging techniques, and they've served me well so far. Perhaps in some future year I'll take a flower-arranging class, but I think I'll have fun just having casual arrangements for several more years yet before I'm bored and want to move on to more formal displays. Or before our other garden are mature enough that I'll have a huge variety of blooms to arrange with. For now, the wildflowers are delighting us.