Max's Fourth Month

Max is finishing up his fourth month, and since the baby book I got doesn't have room for monthly observations, I'm just doing here.

This was the month that Max started getting vigorous. Instead of just waving his arms and legs around, he's thrashing and kicking. He's continuing to improve his hand-eye coordination; he now looks at something, then reaches for it, then grabs it. It's hardly an effortless process and he doesn't always grab it on the first try, but he's improving all the time.

He only started recently to get fussy in the car-- I'm not sure if it's because he doesn't like to be strapped into his car seat, or if he's just tired and can no longer sleep sitting up as easily as he used to. But he is beginning to have more of an impact on my schedule.

On September 24th, he went to his first football game! He also ate his first food-- cotton candy. Blue cotton candy, whatever flavor that is. Might have been just cotton candy flavor, I had some but didn't make a special note of it, I was too busy being tickled by how cute M was sticking out his little tongue to lap up as much of the sweet stuff as he could.

He's still full of giggles and smiles, but is a little harder to keep amused than he used to be. He is fascinated by his big brother William-- most of the time you'll find M's eyes glued to whatever his big brother is doing. Yesterday, W put his sock in his mouth (I don't know why), and Max just started cracking up, laughing his little baby head off.