Good Old Green Olive Tree

The thrift store in Crozet, The Green Olive Tree, is growing on me. I used to shop at thrift stores all the time when I was in my 20s. But I stopped after I moved to NYC.

There you could get NEW clothes for low prices in the designer discount stores. By that time, I was nearly 30 and decided the whole vintage-y retro thing was best left to the 19-year-old models in the city, and it was all I could do just to keep up with the regular old fashion trends. Since keeping up with fashion trends isn't exactly high on the list of "things to do in Central Virginia" I hadn't had much experience.

And now that I'm back, there is little incentive to keep on top of the fashion trends. First of all, no one here seems to care, or even to notice, so there's no point socially. Secondly, I've got so many practical requirements I'm not sure I could find much in style that is suitable anyway. The clothing must be washable, since it's likely to get baby spit-up and/or pee & poop on it every single time its worn. It must allow for nursing, so that rules out most dresses, and many blouses. Most skirts are out since many of the "activities" I attend now require sitting shoeless in a circle on the floor. My lifestyle has come a loooong way from jetting around the country on business trips, visiting spas and dining in fine restaurants. Today I was sitting on the floor singing "This Old Man" while doing the hand gestures for the Macarena with a baby strapped to my torso. Voluntarily.

But the reason I popped into the thrift store today had nothing to do with fashion, but with convenience-- where else could I find a belt in Crozet? Nowhere. And I needed a belt, and fast. I bought two pairs of pants a few weeks back (non-maternity!), but because I am still ovate through the middle with no discernible waistline, I need a belt to keep them up. I have one brown belt that fits me (I originally bought it and wore it when it was stylish to wear large belts hanging low over your hips, well down off the belt loops; now it barely fits around my waist, but it does hold my new pants up). But I don't have any black belts to wear with my black pants. I figured I could find a large men's belt at the thrift store that would work. And I was right! And I got it for 50 cents!

And while this is the first thing I've found to wear at this thrift shop, I have found cute things for both W and M. In fact, it's "bag week" where you can fill up a paper bag with as much as you want for one low price. So I think I will head over there and look around. The boys grow out of clothes relatively quickly, and W at least regularly trashes his clothes with mud, juice, and other miscellaneous stains. M will join him once he starts on solid foods. And we've got relatively little income right now so I can't be all spendy and buy new boy clothes willy-nilly. So I'm joining the much younger moms out here in scouring the thrift shop for cute kids clothes.

Note to the grandparents-- don't take this as a hint that the boys need more new clothes. They've got enough to wear for all outings. I'm just getting stuff they can wear to play so I won't wince when W decides to roll around in a mud puddle full of red clay.

W still generally fits into 2T clothes, so many of his winter clothes from last year are still viable. M just outgrew the 3-month outfits, although he can still wear most of the 3-6 mo clothes, and the 6-mo clothes are also a pretty good fit (there's room to grow, but they don't totally hang off of him like they did this summer). So far, I think M is tracking about the same growth rate as W. I remember W pretty much wore the month sizes right when he was the age on the label. Curiously, Max looks completely different when he wears the same outfits W did. I didn't expect that.