iPad in the House

T got an awesome birthday present-- but it was from his best friend, not me. Yesterday an iPad showed up! S was right that it was something T would not buy for himself. Nor would I get one. We've thought about it, but in the end always figured it was too much of an extravagance. So S to the rescue!

We had a little bit of a hard time figuring how to set it up, having to install itunes on T's computer. Then T and I were just pawing at the screen like a couple of gorillas trying to get it to work (turns out we had to unplug then plug it in again after the itunes installation). Contrast that with W playing with it this morning, just opening up all the programs and using them without problems.

Thanks to grandma & grandpa, he associates iPads with car and truck apps. So first thing this morning, I found one for him, and he's in the other room now, absorbed with playing a matching game.