Got A Cane

I twisted my ankle pretty badly yesterday afternoon, stepping down off the porch onto the grass. The problem was actually that I stepped into a HOLE in the grass and went down BOOM on my left leg. Fortunately, I was holding Max on my right side, so he never hit the ground, just me. Did I mention that I fell HARD?

I had shooting pains up my left leg when I walked on it yesterday, but I didn't walk much. I hobbled up the stairs to bed and that was that. Hopped into the lounge where I could sit and eat at the sofa on our little TV tables for dinner.

I've been icing it since it happened yesterday (not continuously, but the on/off icing that is recommended), and the swelling has gone down, although it remains swollen. And painful. The shooting pains are gone, but it still hurts too much to walk on. I declined to go to the doctor since I'm pretty sure nothing is broken (I figure the swelling would be much worse if that were the case), and they'll just tell me to keep weight off it until it heals, right?

T took W out shopping this morning, and is out with him at his music class now. I've been home in bed with M all day. Just like old times. T has been brining me food. Although my exercise routine is nixed for the foreseeable future (it took a full week for my right ankle to heal and that never got swollen in the first place, I just stepped on it wrong, so I figure this sprain might take longer since I totally hurt it worse), I might avoid gaining weight as long as T remains in charge of bringing me food. He's been pretty stingy about it. I'm not sure if he's trying to keep me from gaining weight or mad that he has to bring me food at all since he sees my injury as a major imposition on his life.

In an effort to keep the peace here, I'll have to try to get up and around as soon as I can do it without making the ankle get worse. To that end, I asked T to get me a cane when he was out shopping. It helps, so I don't have to lurch from holding onto to one piece of furniture to another, but I still don't want to be walking across the house. T also moved the changing table to the foot of the bed so I don't really have to use my bad foot to change M, either. Which is good, since I can't simultaneously use the cane and carry the baby, so this will save wear & tear on the ankle, too. Last night I carried him into the bathroom several times to change him, and that hurt quite a bit.

I'm hopeful that this second day of rest will do the trick and I'll at least be able to walk around the house with the cane tomorrow. I told T to stock up on frozen food when he went out today, because I probably won't be able to stand up and cook for several days yet. But I probably will be able to carry something from the freezer and stick it in the oven or microwave and then go sit back down.