Walking Around

I'm feeling a bit better today. I've got my foot wrapped in an ace bandage for support, and I'm still using the cane, but it's no longer quite so painful to walk around-- unless I walk around a lot (in this case a lot is more than one lap around a room). Yesterday I cancelled all the appointments I had for the rest of the week, unfortunate because they were all social outings, but necessary. As long as I need a cane, it seems to make sense that I just stay at home.

I've been playing with T's new iPad while I've been laid up. It's pretty fun, but we're both annoyed that it doesn't support multiple users. Obvious choice by apple to try to wring even more money out of households, but we're not going for it. A quick web search described a workaround by loading another browser onto the device, which I'll use for my email since T is using the built-in app for that. So far, so good.