So They Just Sit There?

I had a good laugh yesterday. When I came home with a new pair of shoes, T asked incredulously, "How did you try on shoes? Did the boys just sit there while you tried them on?"

Not exactly, sweetheart. They did sit quietly while I took my shoes *off*, and while I tried on the first pair. After that, not so much. The first to become unruly was W, but the salesguy helpfully pointed out that there is a train table in the back of the store. Score! I walked W back there and he was happily engaged until I was done.

M was harder to assuage. He was in his stroller, so picture me on a bench loosening shoelaces with one hand while waving a stuffed bird around in the other and saying, "tweet tweet tweet" with exaggerated facial expressions. As soon as I put down the bird to actually get my foot in a shoe he's start to fuss, so I'd have to take breaks between feet to entertain him so he wouldn't go into complete meltdown mode.

But the thing is, while T's vein would be popping out the side of his head if he were in that situation, it really doesn't bother me. I like hanging out with the kids all day, even though it's certainly more work than going out alone. I feel like a mother duck with her little ducklings in tow. It's what I've always wanted, and now that I'm living the dream, well, here it is. Although I have a better appreciation of how being a full-time mom is not EVERY woman's dream. I'm sure some women are wired more like T and the whole toddler/infant stage is just a struggle to get through. I suspect the ADD definitely works in my favor for this.