Wingless Bees?

I am just not motivated to make those bee wings for our costumes. Although I do have materials on hand, I found some suitable wire in the garage, and white pantyhose. But wings are such a nuisance, are they not?

Increasing my ambivalence is the rain. It's snowing up on the mountain, but down here it's warmer so we've just got rain, rain, rain. It rained all night and is continuing. It's good timing for our plants, since T moved most of the remaining perennials from the kitchen garden to either outside the garden fence or over to the shrub hill yesterday, so a good soaking will help them take to their new locations.

But the rain is not so good for going to the Halloween event downtown this afternoon. I'm not even sure if it goes on rain or shine. It might, since they could probably move everything under the pavilion. Everything except the trick-or-treating of course, but W would probably be just as happy seeing all the other kids in costume and getting a few pieces of candy. We confiscate a lot of it anyway if it's not toddler-safe (or too messy-- then we only give it to him when he's at a table and wearing a bib. All chocolate falls into this category). T and I are carefully NOT saying the H-word today until we know if the rain will stop in time for the event. Because I'm not sure I feel like dragging the kids out in the rain, even if the event is under cover. Maybe if it's just drizzling. We'll have to wait and see.