Bee Family

As soon as the sun came out, I got busy making some wings. I think they turned out fine, but when we got downtown W said he didn't want to wear them. Maybe he'll want to on Monday, but I'm indifferent, I didn't spend that much time on them that I'll feel slighted if he declines. But when we were out today we saw a lot of other little bees who DID have wings, so he might have gotten the idea that they are a good thing. On bees, that is.

I presume they moved everything indoors this year because of the cold. But it wasn't that cold this afternoon, perhaps it was colder this morning when they made the decision. But the line was around the block to get in the Key building, and it seemed like mostly activities for older kids anyway, so we just walked to the far end of the mall and let W trick-or-treat at the few stores where they were passing out candy early. Then we took a break to warm up indoors and had some hot cocoa and coffee, then back to more trick-or-treating. W was pretty psyched to get candy, and since he wasn't yet speaking last year, this was the first year he actually participated in the speaking ritual. He carefully enunciated, "trick or treat" to get his candy, and said thank you (but mostly after prompting, he is not great at remembering).

Max was a slobbery happy baby bee, delighting everyone even though they only saw his head and feet out of the sling.