1 Mile Down, 399 To Go

I went on a trial walk yesterday wearing my new shoes. They are "trail" shoes. They're pretty much running shoes with more of a tread than "road" shoes. I give them a thumbs-up. They aren't something I would have selected for myself since I've only ever selected sneakers based upon appearance, and the colors on this pair aren't completely to my liking. But now I only wear them when I exercise, so I don't care. I am happy to now rely on the experts at the running shop to select the right shoe for me.

I didn't carry either W or M, since it was my first exercise walk since I twisted my ankle on Sunday. W walked a full mile while I pushed M in the stroller. My ankle felt pretty much good as new. I would've probably put W in the backpack and gone out to do another mile or two carrying him if it hadn't started to rain.

Today it rained all morning and we went downtown so W could trick-or-treat, so no concentrated exercise for me today. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to go out in the afternoon, weather permitting. If we get our act together enough to attend the morning Mass then I usually go for a walk on Sunday afternoons.

I asked the shoe guy how long I should wear the new sneakers, and he said the general guideline is 400 miles. I never bothered keeping track before, I'd just wear whatever shoes were around until they started to literally fall apart. But I also never had the ankle/knee problems I've been having now. It's probably caused by all the extra weight I'm carrying (in my own body, not on my back). I used to be able to walk several miles in heels (in NYC) without really being any the worse for wear, but now I can barely make it a block without something hurting. I'm not sure if I'll actually be able to keep track of the miles I put on my shoes, but since I only wear them on my daily walks and I do keep track of my mileage, it is theoretically possible. So I've now worn them out 1/400th. At 15 miles a week, I'll hit 400 miles in about six months. Maybe I'll just put a note on my calendar around May 1st to see if the shoes are still comfortable or if they're starting to feel worn out. Actually I might not get my 15 miles/week in over the winter, since I'm not likely to attempt it if there is too much snow or if it's too cold. But I want to keep up with 15 miles per week if I can.