Holding Off on Hair Dye

I've been thinking about coloring my hair lately. I last got highlights or color way back when W was an infant, and with my last haircut the last remaining bit of artificial color was cut off. So my hair is for probably the first time in 15+ years au natural.

And it seems to me like it is darker than I remember. But then perhaps it was always this color, and I wanted it to be lighter, which was the reason I got highlights to begin with way back in the day. I did a little online research to figure out what's the best brand of home hair dye nowadays (FYI there seem to be many that get good ratings).

But when I told T that I wanted to stop in the CVS to get some dye while we were trick-or-treating this afternoon, he asked why. I said because my hair is darker than it used to be. He shook his head. He says my hair is the same color as when we first met. He told me he really likes the color it is now, and the natural highlights, and suggested that I not mess with it. Well, if my husband likes my hair the way it is, I guess it's in my best interest to take his recommendation and leave it alone. Although it is against my nature to leave it alone. I did read about a product that was something like "sheer blond lighten up" that was made for blonds who just wanted a little bit more brightness, a little bit more golden glow. I got the impression that it was more to enhance your basic color rather than to change it. I might look into that a little bit. And not tell T.