$2.50 Wine Shockingly Drinkable

A week or two ago I saw a huge shipment of $2.50 bottles of wine at the WalMart. I examined them, and tried to figure out what varietal would be drinkable even if bad. I settled on Pinot Grigio for white and I forget which red.

I was drinking the red when the price came up in a discussion with T, and that was the night I snorted wine out of my nose because I was laughing so hard. But the best part is that defying all odds, the wine is totally drinkable. Shockingly drinkable. It's hard to comprehend.

I got another bottle of the Pinot Grigio when I was last in the WalMart, picking up a gallon of milk. I would've gotten more wine, but I didn't have a cart since T was waiting in the car and I only have two hands. I opened it tonight, and sure enough, the wine tastes the same as the bottle from last time.

I'm not going to say, "Wow! That's great wine!". It's not a superior Pinot Grigio. But it DOES taste just as good as bottles that are twice as expensive. You could even pass it off as 3x as expensive as it actually is, I think. I would totally serve it to guests if it were not a special occasion. You know, something to offer the neighbors when they drop in. Perhaps not at a formal dinner party, but certainly it would be fine for pre-dinner drinks for a picnic or cookout or something.

I'll have to try all the varietals, for curiosity's sake if nothing else. I can afford it. I can even afford to use the remainder of the bottle to lure and trap fruit flies if it comes to that. But if the other varietals are as good as the two I've tried so far, then it bodes well.

I might have found my new house wine.

Especially since I was bummed out to see that the Cameron Hughes "Lot 250" was sold out. That was a steal at $8.88 per bottle, it was superior wine. I so rarely see the C. H. lot wine under $10/bottle, I will snap it up whenever it occurs. I only bought 4 bottles of the Lot 250, but when I went back for a case it was already sold out. Live and learn, I'll just have to buy it untasted on faith if I see another tempting Lot.