Almost Finished the Errands

Well I did finish the crucial errands for the day, but I almost finished them without fussy children. But not quite. M is once again the weak link. W tolerates activity pretty well (as long as there is no amplified music, which for some reason terrifies him, I haven't figured out why). But M just gets overstimulated after a certain point.

We had our next-to-last yoga class this morning. I'm probably going to take a break from the yoga before signing up for another 10 weeks. I think we still have some passes left at the homeschool gym which I haven't attended since before M was born, so I'll use those up first. We did some new poses today, which was surprising. After so many weeks of the same set of poses, adding something new was a nice surprise. One of them was "warrior 2", I've already forgotten the other. It wasn't new to me, just new to the grasshopper class.

I made it to the bank, but the checks have been in my purse undeposited for so long, one was over 60 days old and had a little note that it should be deposited within 60 days. I hope they just ignore that part. Such a nuisance. Checks should be good for a year at least. But two of the checks were fresh-- I closed my Bank of America accounts so now our only bank in town in the credit union. The timing was actually more of a coincidence than for the "move your money out of big banks" day or whatever they're calling it. But the reason was the same-- when we transferred a large sum into a CD at another bank, I thought T had left enough money in BoA to avoid monthly fees, but he didn't. So they've been charging us $25 a month for the privilege of letting us hold our money there. Ridiculous. And when I went to close the account, the manager tried to "explain" to me how a bank account works and why I needed some extortion-level of minimum balance to avoid fees. I cut her off and said I'm well aware of their policies but I disagree with them, and just give me my money. Now. It took a pathetically long time, but at least she had a Puss in Boots pop-up book in her desk drawer that she pulled out to entertain W. Max was asleep. Otherwise it would have been an even more dramatic transaction, with a screaming baby for 20+ minutes.

But this wasn't one of the errands I did today, it was last Friday. Most people don't realize that people with ADD don't experience time in a linear way like people with properly functioning frontal lobes do. I have been this way my whole life so I really don't even know what it would be like to experience time in a linear way. For the longest time, T couldn't understand how I could NOT experience time in a non-linear way, but when I was first diagnosed with ADD there was an article where the author (with ADD) expressed it very accurately. It was the first time I realized that other people experience time differently than me, and it explained a lot. Really, that ADD diagnosis explained a WHOLE lot about why I made certain life choices and why observers didn't understand them. I understood them.

I've certainly gotten off the point of describing my errands today, haven't I? Eh, it's my own @#$# blog, I'll blather on about whatever I feel like. I'm feeling kind of ornery today since I have a headache since I didn't have an ideal nap since the boys fell asleep at different times so I only got a short little nap, and fitful at best.

And one of the errands I *didn't* get done was buying a case of that $2.50 wine at WalMart. Hopefully it will still be there tomorrow. So tonight perhaps I'll have a cocktail, or open up an expensive bottle of wine. Just because.