William Wanted To Go To Mass

I took the boys to the church today because I had a meeting there. They play in the nursery while I'm busy, and W generally likes that since there are tons of different toys in there. M is indifferent, sometimes he likes the exersaucer, sometimes he prefers to be held. W only goes to the nursery when I have a meeting, he comes to Mass with me on Sundays.

After the meeting, I took the boys for a walk up the hill to watch construction of the new priory building. W liked watching the loader, backhoe, and dump trucks doing their thing. A dump truck driver even asked if he wanted a ride, but W was too scared. He was ok when the trucks were all safely behind the wire fence, but when the dump trucks rolled out onto the street right in front of us they were so loud W got scared and hid behind me and whimpered.

After we watched construction for a while, I asked W if he wanted to go to the park to play. He replied that he wanted to go to Mass. I said it wasn't a Sunday, and that we didn't need to go to Mass today, but we could go if he really wanted to, and he confirmed that he did. It was an hour before the daily Mass time, so I drove over near the UVA chapel and found parking. We strolled around grounds to kill some time, and then as it got closer to 12:25pm I asked again if he still wanted to go to Mass. He said yes. Even when I asked, "Do you want to go to the chapel and sit very quietly and listen to the readings and the priest?" he replied, "Yes!". I asked him again just before we entered the building, if he wanted to go to Mass or go have a picnic (since it was lunchtime, after all), but he seemed to be getting exasperated with me and insisted, "I want go to Mass."

So be it. He was no more quiet or attentive than usual. Actually, I guess he was a little quieter, since it was SO quiet at the chapel with under 20 people there he remembered to whisper.

Of course I suspect this is just some random request, but I've been wondering about it all afternoon. While I don't know that it's likely, I suppose it is possible that he's getting some sort of call. Perhaps not a call to the priesthood specifically (although for all I know, some men knew they wanted to be priests their whole lives), but maybe he's finely attuned to hear the call of God in his heart. Maybe he'll grow up to be the Pope. Tiger Woods started playing golf at age two, maybe if W starts showing an interest in daily Mass at age two he'll want to be even more involved as an adult. This is all wild speculation, but it certainly seems like unusual behavior for a two-year-old to me. It's not like I make any routine out of attending daily Mass that he's just emulating. We did go last Tuesday for All Saints Day, but that's because it was a day of obligation. Anyway, if he does wind up devoting his life to God, today will go on the calendar as the first time his inclination manifested itself.

I'll wonder more if he asks to go to Mass again in the future. Of course I'll take him (although hopefully he'll ask in the morning, the 5:15pm is a bit late for him and Max to be out). I think I would feel guilty if my son asked to go to Mass and I didn't take him. Like God is testing me in some way. It really didn't occur to me that my children might have more faith than me, but I think it would be a blessing were it to work out that way. I'm not going to mention going to daily Mass, I'll just see if W brings it up again.