Ordered My Turkey

I had originally wanted to get one of Dave Matthew's turkeys to serve on Thanksgiving, since my sister-in-law is a fan. But I investigated and his farm no longer sells to the public. From the looks of their website, the CSA went bust back in 2008 or early 2009, although they still had grass-fed beef in 2010. Not sure if they have anything at all available today, but I only asked about turkeys in my email, and they don't have'm.

I did check out retail relay (or whatever they're calling it now, relay foods maybe?), but there was only one farm with turkeys and I'm not sure I trusted them, so I went to Whole Foods.

I thought I'd just have to request the size when I went in, but then the woman at the turkey desk (they have an entire desk set up for nothing but Thanksgiving-related orders) asked me what kind of turkey I wanted. I returned her question with a blank stare.

She helpfully suggested that "natural" turkeys were the most popular. I said, ok, I'll take one of those. I originally asked for an 10-12 pound bird, but then decided to go with a 12-14 pound turkey with a request for one on the low side.

I asked if they brine the turkeys, but she said no, but I could order a brined turkey. Again, not sure that I trusted some farm somewhere or even a processing plant (who knows?) to brine my turkey, I declined. She said they sell brining kits, but I confirmed that it would involve fitting a large bucket into my fridge, which is not do-able. She said mostly it was people with two refrigerators at home who brined their own turkeys. I said in NYC it was generally cold enough you could do it outside. But I was in flip-flops and a T-shirt yesterday, so that ain't quite the reality here. I also remembered that I used to always order Kosher poultry in NYC, because it was pre-salted. She brightened and said I could order a Kosher bird here, too. But it was $3.79 a pound! I declined.

It's just as well I got a "regular" turkey, I'm completely familiar with how to cook one. I've been trying to remember where I was recently, and none of the women had ever cooked a turkey before. Some gathering of moms. One of them must have been nervous about her first time hosting Thanksgiving. I was nervous, too, but that was ten or eleven years ago now. I actually threw a pre-Thanksgiving party for my friends, so I could test out the menu before the in-laws came over.

Let me see if I can find the photo. . .

I had to download it from facebook to my computer, then upload it to my photo-sharing site. I haven't moved all my old photos to my new laptop. It was actually November 2002, so nine years ago, not ten or eleven. I see I didn't think to take a photo until AFTER we ate everything. By the way, that photo was taken in our NYC apartment. I painted the "dining room" purple to differentiate it from the living room. The dining room doubled as our foyer, the front door was just behind Jonathan, the last guy on the right in this photo. Our tiny kitchen was through an opening behind Billy, the guy leaning over on the left. Hmmm, I think I have a turkey photo from more recently. . .

There we go! I think either both Terry and Will were sick in 2009, or maybe even all three of us, I don't remember (but my blog goes back that far, I suppose I could look it up. Naaaah.). At any rate, sick or not, I was surprised at how EASY it was to whip up a Thanksgiving dinner when only two adults and an infant were eating. The volume of food required for a crowd really does add to the level of effort.

This year should be pretty easy since there will be only four adults and three kids eating.

I got a new tablecloth, too, but I'll have to see if it fits, I didn't measure the table before I went shopping yesterday.

Last week I picked up the latest issue of Southern Living because it has 103 recipes for the usual sides. I might try some new things this year. Every time I sit down to go through the magazine, however, I get interrupted, so I'm still a bit behind on meal planning. I'm glad I put the Thanksgiving countdown on my home page here, it doesn't feel like it's only 14 days away, and yet it is.