Going to Start Cooking!

I got a chance to finish reading that Southern Living magazine this morning. There are of course several recipes I spotted that are probably unremarkable, but I was surprised at how many I'm actually kind of excited to try. Mostly recipes for vegetable dishes. I've been a vegetable purist for years now-- I pretty much stick to perfectly steamed veggies with salt, pepper, and butter. That's it. It's all about knowing exactly how much salt, pepper, and butter to use. Some I'll saute with onions, but the seasonings remain the same.

I like roasted vegetables, but I think I don't make them often because it takes longer than cooking them on the stovetop. But these new recipes use such interesting combinations and seasonings that I'm eager to try them despite the extra time. I could always choose to pair them with an easier entree to keep total meal prep time the same as usual.

There are also ideas for brunch buffets which I can use for any day breakfasts since it's not like we have to rush off to work or anything. There's a modern ambrosia which includes grapefruit that I'm totally going to make this weekend.

I've decided I'm just going to have Thanksgiving all month. Not the turkey, I'll just cook the one, but all the other stuff! But since I'm partial to turkey on Thanksgiving, I may try their recipes for hams, etc. earlier this month. Or later. If I'm having fun, I might just continue Thanksgiving right through until I start preparing for Christmas on 12/11.

Maybe I could start a cultural trend-- rather than everyone rushing into their Christmas preparations before they even put away the Thanksgiving leftovers, maybe we can all just relax and continue to celebrate Thanksgiving right up until closer to Christmas?