My Laptop is in Pieces

Last night my laptop started making a horrific noise. I yelled for T to run into the room so he could hear it as I shut it down. He determined it was the fan, and noted a burning smell. after the boys were asleep, he took it apart. It is very difficult to take laptops apart because the parts are small and jammed together. But T got it done, and ordered me a replacement fan and battery (I'd been getting a "replace your battery" notice for a few weeks now). Unfortunately, one of the screws holding a card over the fan was in too tightly and T stripped it trying to get it out. So he'll have to drill it out. Not great news, but I trust he'll fix it. Way cheaper than sending it out for repair or buying a new one. It's only two years old, so I'm still satisfied with it's performance in general.

But I might not be blogging quite as much or responding to email quickly until it is repaired (hopefully sometime later this week).

I will probably just be doing any electronic stuff in the evening after the boys sleep by using the iPad. That's what I'm using now.