Mock Mei Tai

I've decided to make a mock Mei Tai carrier from muslin before attempting one with my good fabric. There are a lot of variations on the basic pattern, so I'd rather be able to try my best guess on and see how it looks (and fits the kids) before I start cutting pieces.

I've already made both shoulder straps and the waist strap, including padding. I've left the length indeterminate, to be decided for the final project only after I see how it looks on and if I decide I want decorative tails or not. There is something called a Tibetan-style which involves another wrap around the shoulder straps and a large bow. I think it does, at any rate, honestly I'm not exactly sure. If I can't figure it out then I don't suppose I need worry about it, I'm sure the regular configurations will be just fine.

The next step will be determining the shape of the main panel. I think I will prefer the look of a slightly contoured panel to the plain rectangle, but the decorative panel with dancing elephants I want to use is rectangular itself, so depending on size this might determine whether or not I contour the panel.

Since I will not be using the carrier for a tiny newborn (Max has excellent head control), I don't think I'll need to fuss with a high back or hood, although I might decide that I'd like a small turndown option just for appearances.

I've had good luck making just one piece per night so far (for the past two nights, I'm not exactly long into the project), so I'll continue to set that as a goal. It leaves me plenty of time to relax in the evening but still keeps my momentum going. I'll research common panel sizes now so I can create a likely one quickly tomorrow night.