Laptop Repaired

T fixed my laptop while I was out with the boys yesterday. He didn't need to get a new fan after all, he just re-seated the old one and it worked fine.

He was pleased that he "only" had five screws left over that he couldn't figure out where they went. At least a laptop missing screws isn't a matter of safety, like doing a car repair and not putting all the screws back in place. T said that all the screws in laptops were just to make sure things didn't get jogged out of place if the laptop got dropped or anything. "'Anything' like having a toddler pick it up and carry it around?" I asked. Um, yeah. Well, we'll hope for the best.

This episode did get him to figure out how to get some backup software working on my machine. He'd bought some plan so he could back up the internet server, his computer, and mine all under the same plan, but he hadn't gotten around to setting me up with that. So some good has come from this.