Two Recipes Yesterday

I tried two new recipes yesterday (still from the Southern Living magazine)-- Angel Biscuits and Fancy Gravy. All right, they didn't call it "Fancy Gravy" but it was something dumb like "Not Your Regular Gravy" or who knows what, I don't remember. But it's gravy to go atop biscuits.

The biscuits are pretty good. They use *three*, count'm, THREE different leaveners, so sure enough, they rose up nice and fluffy. Slightly more involved process than other biscuits, but only marginally. I guess I'd make them again. I'll really have to have a biscuit taste-off at some point, so I can just settle on one biscuit recipe I like best and stick with that.

The sausage gravy was certainly different than I usually make. It included shallots, parsley, and mushrooms (and should have included fresh sage, but my local grocery didn't have that in stock (what IS it with the lack of herbs?!?)). I suppose it is better than my plain sausage gravy, but it just doesn't seem like good old biscuits and gravy when it's all tarted up like that. But I could maybe use this as a wake-up call to make mine a little bit more interesting, without going all crazy with it. I will put mushrooms in omelets for breakfast, but I'm going to draw the line at gravy; so in my house it's only appropriate to put mushroooms in the gravy for dishes served at lunch or dinner. Why? Because I said so. My house, my rules.

Now, on the other hand, I could use their gravy recipe as a base to make a nice version of stroganoff, I think. I'd just replace the sausage with beef and use half sour cream and half heavy cream instead of all heavy cream.

I may go to grocery store tomorrow to get ingredients to try even more recipes. I think the Bourbon Pecan Bread Pudding is calling my name. As well as the Bananas Foster Upside Down Cake. . . The parsnips and carrots are no longer as appealing, since I took a good look at the dessert section.

The biscuit recipe made a large quantity of biscuits, so we're on day 2 and still have plenty left over. I had some with my rosemary-rhubarb jelly. Yum-- I'd forgotten how much I enjoy that flavor.