Haircut Next Week

T and I recently watched the first DVD of the Battlestar Galactica TV series (the more recent version), and we both decided I should get the same haircut as Ceylon model #6.

I actually did have that haircut sometime several years back, almost identically, down to the platinum blond. I think it was 2004? Maybe 2005? I don't have photos from those years on my computer, so I'll have to load them at some point.

This time around, I'm not sure I'll go platinum. Although in retrospect, whenever I bleach the @#$# out of my hair, it's actually more manageable with the "damage" since it's thicker with more body. It's pretty darn thin and limp in its natural state. So if my hair doesn't scrunch up into nice waves like it used to, I may go the salon and ask the nice lady to bleach it until it's thick, then just dye it back to something approximating my natural color so I won't have to look at the roots growing out. Or I could try it at home. Maybe I'll do that first, since I'm really ready for a new look and can't get in to my stylist at the local salon until next Tuesday (she's out of town this week).

I did do all that research on hair dyes after all. . . I got further clarification on why T didn't want me to get my hair highlighted before-- he objected because he thinks my natural highlights are pretty as they are AND getting my hair highlighted is expensive. I guess he didn't realize I was planning on doing this at home, and home kits are only $9-15. I think he's remembering the $180 I paid up in NYC. That was back in the day, when I was a high-maintenance housewife. I've been thinking that what I really need is an entire day in the spa, get the hair, nails, massage, the works. Then I'd kick these gray-sky blues. But that's just not possible while I'm nursing, having to wrestle to hold on to a VERY wiggly baby and keep him spa-quiet would not be as relaxing. Next year. Next year I'll go to the spa. Actually, I might start planning something big for when Max is weaned-- an entire spa weekend somewhere. One of the big-city spas. If I booked far enough in advance, I could go spa-hopping and go to all my favorite places in NYC (different spas have different specialties).

Actually, I feel more relaxed just thinking about that. I don't need a spa day, I just need to do some guided meditation on spas. I wonder if Pandora radio has a "spa" station. . .

In the meantime, I think I'll be pretty darn happy with a sassy haircut and a little flash of new color. I'll have to put some before & after photos up.