Let's See If T Notices

I got some hair dye today-- L'Oreal Excellence Creme, shade 8 1/2 A, Champagne Blonde. It was either that, or shade 8, Natural Blonde. But I held both boxes up, and decided that the 8 1/2 A was the color blonde that I am in my mind. Which is why every day I'm always a little confused when I'm standing in front of the mirror and putting on makeup and wondering why my hair is so dark. Hopefully this little procedure will put an end to that confusion and I will start my days thinking all is right with my appearance.

I told T I wanted to delay watching our TV shows until 9pm (ain't Tivo grand?) because there was something I wanted to do before that. But I didn't mention what that was. I'm sitting now with my hair piled atop my head, dutifully waiting the recommended 30 minutes. I think I've got a gray hair or two, but I doubt that they are "resistant" gray hairs, so I'm not going to wait the extra 10 minutes. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. If I notice any gray hairs tomorrow, I will then label them as resistant. But honestly it's rare that I even notice mine. Seriously, I think I only have a few. Literally.

I don't know that I'll have time to dry my hair before 9pm, since I'm not even scheduled to rinse it out until 8:50. So it might not be fair to see if T notices right away, since it's hard to tell color with wet hair. Plus, I don't think the shade is that far off my actual hair color. At least, I hope it's not; as I mentioned above, I suffer from denial about my true natural hair color. One of the reasons I'm not overly keen on going totally platinum is because when my roots come in, they appear to be BROWN because of the contrast. Which bugs me, because then people might think I'm not a natural blonde. I don't care if they know I'm not sporting my natural color at any given moment, but for some reason I feel like it's important that I'm a blonde going blonde, rather than a brunette going blonde.

I gave a few moments thought to going auburn instead of blonde. I did that once (at a salon) and the color was terrifically flattering on me, although I did have to use all different makeup colors than I do as a blonde. Maybe later in the winter. But I've got a lot of red sweaters that fit me now, so blonde will help me preserve what limited clothing options I have.

Ten more minutes until I rinse.

I have some videos I made of Max, I'll watch them to distract myself. Maybe post a clip (although T has been using up all our bandwidth with some project of his, not sure I'll be able to get them uploaded right now).