T Still Hasn't Noticed

T totally has no idea that I dyed my hair. Even though the box and empty color bottles are right in the bathroom trash can. He is that oblivious. But I really didn't expect him to notice, because it wound up being a subtle change. Here's my natural color:

And now the new color:

In no way does it look like the color on the box. And I'm not super-thrilled with the color, although there is nothing particularly wrong with it, I've certainly had better colors in the past, even when dying my hair at home. Of course, I used to use the professional kits from Sally Beauty Supply (the ones that say "do not try this at home"). So that might have something to do with it. The way the pros do it uses multiple steps-- first you strip the color from the hair, then you dye it. The ones for home use have the stripper and the dye together in the same step, and the color stripper is totally weak. But it smells less and is safer and faster than the pro way. I see now that the trade-off is that it doesn't perform as well, either. No matter, I'm not sure I feel comfortable having the chemicals required for the pro-style dye in the house now that I have clueless kids (they can be legitimately dangerous and must be used with extreme care, which is why they're not recommended for home use to begin with).

But I do have to give big props to L'Oreal for the way the process made my hair feel. I was really hoping for my hair to feel kind of dried and damaged since it's ordinarily limp and lifeless, and at least when it's bleached it gets thicker and stiffer so it will hold a style for more than a few hours before going flat. But instead, this stuff made my hair feel silky soft and smooth. It's still going flat, so it didn't help much to add body, but it is a joy to run my hands through it. It's just so soft now!

I'll try again in 8 weeks, but with a different color. There was actually another brand that was recommended for best at going extreme blond, and although I didn't think that was what I was aiming for, perhaps it is and I just didn't realize it. Because I really don't want to go super-light since it can make me look washed-out in the winter, I just want something a little brighter than natural. More like my natural color in the summer. Although I didn't even get very light this summer since it was so HOT I mostly stayed indoors with the baby. Next summer I should be spending a lot more time in the sun (well, providing it's not over 95F every day).