Max is a Mess

Poor Max hasn't been feeling well the past two days. He's fussy, and doesn't sleep well. The last time he was like this was for four days after he got the last round of inoculations. Now I think he's just got a cold. But I guess this is how he reacts to his little baby immune system getting a workout. When he gets like this, I have to carry him around nearly constantly; I carry him a lot in general, but on most days he'll let me put him in a bouncer for 10 minutes a few times a day. But not when he's sick, no sir. He wants all holding, all the time. Which would even be ok if he could just fall asleep and get some rest. But he still fusses and fusses before falling asleep.

He's got another doctor's appointment scheduled for 12/19, but I'm going to push it off. I really don't want to deal with a fussy baby for four days the week before Christmas. I want to be having some fun, baking cookies, decorating the house, etc. Not having to stay home nursing a sick child. Hopefully his next round of shots will be the last for a while. I'll just move it to January, when we won't have any commitments anyway, and if I'll just be hanging around the house with no agenda, it will be easier to have the patience to nurse him back to health. It's not even like he seems that unhealthy, he's just very, very sensitive to everything after the shots. And now he's just working on getting over the latest cold. I think W, M, and I picked it up at the baby yoga studio. Fortunately, this one was fairly mild, and W and I are over it already. Max should be over it soon, his nose has stopped running at least.

I'm definitely going to cut way down on "activities" for the boys this winter. I'm already tired of taking care of sick kids, and it's only November. W is pretty easy, the colds don't really slow him down much, it's just gross having to wipe his nose every few minutes. But I hate to see M suffer through colds-- he's ordinarily such a joyful baby, it's heartbreaking to see him crying and crying because he knows something is wrong since this is not his natural state. W hardly caught anything when he was M's age, because we didn't have any "activities" to expose him to germs. And our current activities aren't for M, they're all for W, and M just tags along. So W is just going to have to sacrifice some variety in his life for the sake of his brother's health. Honestly I don't think W will even notice. And I can do yoga and music with him at home.

I was thinking about inviting playmates over for the boys from time-to-time, but our nap schedule is erratic, so that is the main problem. The women and children in the household all go down for a nap anywhere from 11:30am to 1:30pm, and nap between one and two hours. But there's no telling whether it's going to be an early-nap day or a late-nap day in advance. We just go about our morning routine, and as soon as W starts crying over something I know he's too tired to cope with his life and we take a nap. Once in a while I'm the one who gets too tired to cope with her life (although I generally realize it because my eyes start closing involuntarily, not that I burst into tears), and I make W lie down even when he's not tired. He won't sleep if he's not tired, but at least if I can get him to lie down and read a book I can get some rest myself even while keeping him out of trouble. Some days like that we'll even have TWO separate nap times, and the second nap is just for the boys (since I napped in the morning when W played) and I'll actually get a little free time.

T took W to a park this afternoon, while I stayed home with a screaming baby (who I finally got down for another nap). I said we'd have chicken & dumplings for dinner, but I'm now rethinking that. I'm feeling pretty exhausted and it's only 5pm, so I might just make chicken salad sandwiches instead. I roasted a chicken earlier on Friday, and since then I've been taking it easy and making quick dishes with the leftover cooked chicken. Maybe I'll even make a curried chicken salad-- something a little bit different than I usually do.