I'm in the process of selecting a dentist here in VA, and checked out the VA Dept of Health website to rule out any who have been sanctioned. I discovered that they've got information about all the licensed health service providers on the same site-- you choose them from a drop-down box (Counseling, Medicine, Dentistry, Nurse Aide, Pharmacy, etc.) They also have veterinarians on this list, which I thought was interesting, I would've expected them to be in the same department with game wardens or animal welfare or something. But here they are with public health.

The Department of Health Case Decision page defaults to showing decisions from the past 90 days, but once you click to that you have the option to search further back. For my own purposes I searched back several years. I couldn't figure out how to narrow the filter further than by profession, but there were few enough dentist cases I just scrolled through looking for any in my hometown. If you choose a timeframe with a lot of cases, I think there is an option to export the list to excel, and from there you can set up a data filter sort for yourself.