Once Again, Counting the Days Until My Haircut

I think I posted about this sometime before-- was it when W was an infant? Getting a haircut is one of the few things that I can't do with the boys in tow (although I know at least one woman who can bring her kids and they'll sit and watch her get a haircut, I don't think W would behave so well). So when I actually have a scheduled appointment on the horizon, I look forward to it with an absurd amount of anticipation. It's not even that I think I'm going to get some awesome haircut. I don't know that I can ever really be in love with a haircut since Miguel went into private practice (my old stylist in NYC left the salon to just cut and style hair for models on photo shoots). He gave me the best haircuts ever, I really miss them. But not everyone can be the best, can they?

I'm now debating whether to go ahead and get a new color while I'm at the salon. A regular color shouldn't be too expensive. Or I could just try another home color tomorrow (the cut is Tuesday morning). Of course, I didn't schedule time for a color, so who knows if that can be accommodated. Plus, there's the pesky problem of having a nursing baby at home that time-limits my appointments. No, I'd better just stick to home colors until M can go on the bottle when he turns 1 year old. Seven months to go.