New Camera Is Interesting

It took several hours for the camera's battery to charge up after I brought it home, but I did then bring it out on our walk to test it out.

Unfortunately, I didn't notice at first that there was a big smudge over the lens for the first batch of pictures. T noticed it when I handed the camera to him. So I'll have to take some test photos again tomorrow. The box wasn't sealed when I got it, so I figure this is either a return or someone just demo'd it in the store or something. I'll have to do a sensor test to check for dead pixels, it's one of the more common reasons a camera might be returned.

The camera didn't come with a manual, which does annoy me, like it did many people who posted online reviews. You've got to read the pdf on your computer. I'm in the process of doing that. It's not a deal-killer for me, but I certainly would have preferred to just read a manual on the sofa with no computer necessary.

Taking photos without having read the manual was interesting. On the auto setting, they came out very different depending on even slight changes in the setting. For example, T was taking a few photos of me in front of the sunset, and on some photos if I was turned one way there was no flash, but turned another way there was a flash. Both photos look pretty good, but they do have very different effects. I will feel more confident after I read the manual and figure out what sort of things trigger what automatic effects, and how to override that if I don't like the way the automatic setting are configuring something.

The short movies I filmed were impressively good. I filmed them in such low light this evening that they wouldn't have been very useful on my old camera, just dark and grainy blurs, but they looked sharp and clear with this new camera. Even T was shocked at how well the camera compensated for the low-light conditions.

I'll take some landscape photos tomorrow now that the lens is clean. It doesn't make sense to post any of the smudged ones. I'll also read the chapter on how to take good photos of kids. There is an auto setting just for that, one of the reasons this camera landed among my top choices. I'll have to read the manual to see if I should use the "pets" setting to take photos of cows or whether they fall more into the "landscape" category. I'm guessing "pets", but it might matter how close I can get to them. . .