Christmas Card Photo FAIL

Actually, I did get a photo that I think will look just fine on our Christmas card this year. One photo. The other several dozen I took will not do. You will have to wait to see the keeper I'm putting on the card, but here are a few choice ones that show how MOST of the photo shoot went:

Will has started making a sort-of growling noise when he is frustrated, and he was making it during this shot.

Stop goofing off, William! Let's get this thing done.

Again and again, Will would dutifully go sit behind Max, but only for a split second then he'd run away.

This was when I asked W to take the grass OUT OF M's mouth, instead he thought he'd offer him more. Ha ha ha, W. Very funny.

Although I did ask W to give M hugs and kisses, this was not quite what I had in mind.

I thought a change of location might help get them both in the same frame. It did, but it didn't help the mood. . .

I very quickly gave up on the car idea.

I wound up getting several cute photos of Max by himself. He was propped up in the Bumbo seat in the field, and was very happy to amuse himself by eating grass. Then vomiting it up onto his sweater, but it was a dark color so I didn't care, and kept shooting.