A Little Bit Smug

Some years I have my act together more than others. This year, I got my Christmas cards ordered on December 1. Most years I'm lucky to place an order before the 15th. And of course if you wait that long than there is a long wait and you don't get the cards until the 23rd or something (and always after the mail has gone out, of course). But the internet says my order will be ready on Sunday. So I can address at my leisure this year.

Now I am only a very little bit smug, because I have way more to be chagrined about. For example, I still have LAST YEAR'S Christmas cards hanging in a display in the doorway to the parlor. Of course, they make me smile seeing everyone's cute kids as I walk through the hall every day all year, but still, I did leave them up ALL YEAR. And I'm going on TWO years straight with the nativity scene being permanently installed on the fireplace mantle. A large part of me wishes I could get it together and move things around and decorate seasonally like a lot of women do. But another part of me has just learned to be kind to myself, and not worry about it. This is how I am.

And some years, I'm less how I am than others, and actually get my cards ordered on time. Which is a good thing. Because I just know in my heart there is going to be a year that I REALLY can't get it together and wind up just ordering new cards with the previous year's photo and hoping that no one will remember. . . No one else leaves the prior year's cards up until the new ones arrive, do they?!?!