Got a Double Jogging Stroller!

Whooo! Yesterday morning, I decided to give jogging another try, to see if it would be less miserable than it was before I learned the barefoot-running technique.

You know what? This time, using the new technique, it wasn't bad at all! Who knew that just varying the position of your feet and legs during jogging make such a difference?

I went three miles, walking the first and last half-miles as a warm-up and cool down. I did intervals for the middle two miles, jogging one minute then walking one minute. I did have two exceptions-- I needed to walk two minutes after the first four sets. And then it worked out so that I had to run uphill for an entire minute when I got to the turnaround point. I didn't quit partway up the hill despite it being very tiring, so I rewarded myself with a five-minute walk after that. But apart from those two extended walking bits, I kept to the intervals. And I didn't hate it.

In fact, the rest of the day I felt rather invigorated. This has never really happened to me before from jogging. I've heard about it, but never experienced it. But now I can appreciate how people say they like to run because it makes them feel good. I never understood it before. I suspect some people just have naturally good technique that enables them to feel good, and I just had to learn good technique to make that happen. I read some article on running that said only a small fraction of the population is "naturally" suited for running.

But on with the even better news-- as I finished my intervals I saw my neighbors at the end of the road. The husband told his wife that he was right, he DID see me heading up the road earlier. His wife has insisted that it couldn't have been me because it was a single woman without children in town, and I always have my kids in tow.

So I explained that I decided that I couldn't safely jog while carrying W (I had second thoughts about the amount of damage to his neck and brain all the bouncing would do) and my stroller wasn't really made for jogging, it lurched all over the place. So I could only jog once a week on Saturdays when T was free to watch the boys, although I was looking for a double jogging stroller.

Which was when they remembered that they HAD a double jogging stroller sitting unused in their basement. It had been used by both their daughters, whose youngest kids are just a year or two older than mine. But they thought about it and realized that neither daughter had used it in the past year, so they said they'd clean it up and give it to me.

I went to pick it up later that afternoon. T even took the time to clear out a space in the garage for it, since we don't really have room in the house (not to mention I'm not sure how I'd get it up the front steps). I am eager to try it out, but I'm not going to jog every day, so I'll wait until tomorrow. I wonder how much more difficult it will be to jog while pushing the kids versus jogging without them. I will find out soon enough.