Max's Fifth Month

I'd better post this before I forget completely. I would say that Max's fifth month was all about grabbing. He learned to grab back near the beginning of the month, but by the end he had much better control and would grab things with intention. He'd see something, aim, then grab. He started getting fussier this month-- car trips have become more problematic. Sometimes there is a whole lotta screamin' goin' on. T suggested today that we drive to NYC with the kids next month, and I looked at him like he had two heads. T is never in the car with the boys, so how would he know? I absolutely nixed that idea. I can barely take 30-minute trips with M, no way would I attempt a 6 to 8 hour journey. No. Way.

But back to Max's fifth month. On 11/17 he was 15 pounds, 1 oz, and rolled back-to-front for the first time! I think that's about it. Did I mention he was grabbing things all month? My hair, my clothes, my nose, my fingers, his blanket, small toys, his clothes, his brother. You name it, he grabbed it.