Wrapped My First Present

I'm not sure if this should count as part of my Christmas obligations, you decide.

I've wanted to give a gift for a baby born recently (cough, cough, ahem, well, back in April), but my first idea didn't pan out. You see, the baby was extremely premature, so I figured it would be small. So I could give the mom (it was her first child, a son) an entire box of newborn-sized baby clothes, some only worn once or twice. But by the time she brought the baby home from the hospital, he was nearly as big as Max, and they were wearing the same size (he only came home a few weeks ago). So I can't exactly give up a box of clothes that Max needs to be wearing currently.

So last night I tried W's old baby hats on M to determine which fit best, and then pulled out the yarn and knit up a hat for the baby. I finished that today, and wrapped it up.

I used Christmas paper, and also enclosed our Christmas card. So I guess it's a Christmas present for the new baby, rather than a new baby present. Except that it's really a new baby present since I won't be exchanging Christmas presents with this family. It's just a new baby present wrapped in Christmas paper. Because all my new-baby wrapping paper is floral and springtime-y, and it just seemed wrong given the current weather.

But it is time to start getting serious about starting some Christmas shopping. I wish my family would just give up on the everyone-exchanges-presents-with-everyone else thing and switch to everyone-gets-presents-for-the-kids. That would be so much simpler.