Rain Wreaks Havoc with My Routine

One day of rain is no big deal, but when there is an entire week of rain it seriously messes with my routine.

On Monday, there was enough of a break in the rain to head outside, although it was too foggy to safely leave the property (the adjacent roads are one lane, and full of blind hills and turns; we walk cautiously in the best of circumstances, and I don't even venture out in poor conditions). I used the opportunity to select a Christmas tree. We've got over half a dozen between 5 and 8 feet tall, if anyone reading this wants to come cut their own tree for free, come on over. They aren't all fancy like the parking-lot trees all over town, but it will certainly be fresher. And free. I've decided to start calling my Christmas trees "colonial-style" because I read that back in the olden days people would just chop down a tree from their yard. And my guess is that they were probably not all manicured and specially pruned or anything, either. This year I decided to go back to pine (from cedar, my choice last year), mostly because we did have an abundance to choose from. I tied an orange balloon to the tree so T will be able to see it clearly when he goes out to cut it this weekend.

Yesterday it rained continuously, so we couldn't even get out for a walk to the mailbox. Our main activity for the day was watching videos of wind socks. Betcha didn't know that YouTube has dozens of videos of wind socks. W was thrilled with that treat. Even after watching the videos, I'm still unsure why he's so keen on wind socks. He likes the aviation-style ones, which just seem dull to me. However, I did watch some videos of spinning wind socks, and I must say I was somewhat fascinated by the checkerboard-patterned ones with tails. Mesmerizing. I even looked up how to make one, but honestly there were enough steps involved that I doubt I could be bothered with that.

Today it was raining continuously, and even harder, but I could no longer put off a trip to the grocery store. I did decide to just go to the local grocery instead of making a big trip into town. Here, there are boys to carry the groceries through the rain and load them into your car so you can focus on getting your kids out of the cart and into the car without them frolicking in the parking lot puddles.

Our morning activity was watching momma play videogames. I was actually kind of bored with my ps3 games today, so after playing through them each once I logged onto the ps3 store to check out other titles. I found several that I think W will be happy to watch, and one that he might even be able to play. That one involves floating rubber ducks around a tub by using the gravity-sensor in the controller. He was trying to move things around by tilting the controller in a game today that actually required the use of the joystick. Which he can use, but isn't adept enough to really play well.

I would have downloaded it already, but I totally forgot my playstation network id and password, so I had to look it up on my laptop after dinner. I'll order the game tonight so it can download overnight. It appears that we'll have yet another day of rain, so while I'm good for a wholesome actual activity for most of the day, I do like to relax by playing videogames when I can't take a walk. Those walks are really a good way to kill an hour to an hour and a half a day, and I totally miss them when the weather is inclement.