Boycotting Bluzyroo

I haven't played Guitar Hero since I went to Richmond last week, but I thought about joining today's tournament. That was until I saw that Bluzyroo was entered. That person from some British Empire place (he's in the UK Fury tour group, but I don't recognize the flag in his profile) has already won 5 tournaments. I just want to win one, then move on to medium. Anyway, I figure the odds of me getting first when he's playing (I don't think I've scored higher than him yet) are slim, so I won't waste my time. I'll work on my medium career scores and watch for a tournament that he doesn't enter.

I haven't heard from Michelle today, so I'm not sure she's coming over to play GH tonight, but that was the plan when I saw her over the weekend. I'll be rusty, so it will be a fun way to get back in the groove.

I've been preoccupied with investing this week. I had a callable high fixed-rate investment get mostly called today, and I've got to find a place to park the cash. With the low interest rates available, it's tough. That's why I'm desperately seeking alpha by searching for investments non-correlated with the US market. No luck yet.

And with all the imminent bank failures I'm back to making sure all our cash is FDIC-insured. There actually is quite a spread in rates between banks, so the one with a 3.8% APY (which is also poised for collapse) is significantly better than my next best choice. So I'm opening up a variety of accounts; one for me, one for Terry, and I'll probably open up a joint. The FDIC covers accounts based on ownership, so joint accounts are covered in addition to individual accounts.

But I can't move our retirement investments from bank to bank since they're held in IRAs. It does present a bit of a challenge for me to find good yields, but I'll work it out. It just might take me another week.