Finally, More Jogging

Although I lost interest in the diet blog, I am still interested in losing weight. Once I finished my "100-Ups" practice and started jogging barefoot-style, I did notice that my weight loss has been a little faster. Thanksgiving caused a bit of a bump, but I'm almost back to my pre-Thanksgiving weight now. But it rained all week and today was the first day I was able to go out to exercise.

I took the boys out in the jogging stroller, so I was running encumbered by live weight of about 48 pounds, plus whatever the stroller is. T fixed the front wheel alignment so it doesn't pull as much as it did. I'm not sure if it's totally straight, but it wasn't making my arms tired to push it, so that's good enough for me. I didn't use a timer for intervals, since I was pushing the stroller I wouldn't have my hands free to deal with the beeps on the watch. Instead, I just ran some then walked some, winging it. Between the 2 mile and 2.5 mile turnaround points there is a flat stretch, so I tried to jog the whole quarter mile. About halfway through I decided that it was pretty optimistic of me to think I could manage that pushing the boys. But I'm content that I could at least jog 1/8 mile without break.

Again, I felt very energized after the workout. So I'm hopeful that this feeling will persist, which will make exercising much easier for me than it ever was in the past. I read an article recently, Depression May Slow Exercise Recovery, which I think explains why I always felt awful after exercising in the past. People always told me that exercise makes you feel energized, but after trying again and again and it just made me feel tired and miserable, I was convinced that it might have made some people feel energized, but it sure didn't help me. So I avoided vigorous exercise (although I always enjoyed light activity, like walking, or golf). Now that my depression has been cured by neurofeedback, I can experience the whole exercise/energy link previously denied to me for my entire life to-date.

Once again, I am just so happy that I decided to try the experimental cure last year instead of just being satisfied with the antidepressant medications. Being CURED is way better than simply treating depression like a chronic disease.

I'm of the opinion that my propensity to gain weight is in part caused by my ADD-related brainwave pattern. I spend much of the time in Delta waves, which is what most people have ONLY when they are deep asleep. So my pet theory is that my metabolism is always that of a sleeping person and thus quite slow. Neurofeedback did not cure my ADD since my frontal lobes were resistant to change, but I haven't given up hope. I'm just postponing further treatment until Max is more settled (eating table foods and drinking regular milk, which will be next summer). I do think the other part of my propensity to gain weight is caused by the fact that I love to eat delicious food, so that part I can control. I don't really wish to lose my food enjoyment, but I can certainly work on portion control and making more delicious vegetables and fewer delicious sweets. And once M is weaned, if the neurofeedback hasn't worked to cure the ADD, I may go back on the meds for that. They don't get all up in your system like the antidepressants did-- all traces of the drug are usually gone within 3-4 hours of taking the pill. And they certainly helped reduce my appetite (again, I think the brainwaves are all involved with my weight issues somehow).

I think I will start timing how long it takes me to cover the 2-miles I interval-jog. Today it took 30 minutes even (I didn't use a stopwatch), translating into 4 mph, or 15-minute miles.

I did a little research to try and find out how fast others were jogging with their kids. I found a few entries in 5K results-- a man ran a 5K pushing a double-stroller in under 30 minutes, a woman took 32 minutes. That's 10:17 per mile for the woman. I don't know her age. I found the blog of a woman runner (here's her post about how to keep kids entertained on long runs) who ran 10 miles pushing a TRIPLE stroller and each mile was between 8.5 and 9.5 minutes per mile. Whew! Judging by her photo, she's fitter than I have ever been in my life.

I think aiming for the 30-minute mark in a 5K is a good goal. Right now I'm at 30 minutes for a 3.2K. I'm sure I'll get faster over time.

I'm not sure I'd ever be keen on running at a constant speed, though. I really don't want the physique of a marathon runner. They're actually skinnier than I'd like to be, I want to get to back to a sexy and attractive weight, not rail-thin and emaciated. But sprinters have enviable figures, in my opinion. I've read some articles that say it is due to the bursts of intense exercise they get, instead of exercising at a constant rate for hours. I wonder if anyone enters local races and runs them interval-style? I'm not sure if it is my goal to run in a race, but it might be a fun thing to try. I've never run in a race before, so I don't know. A lot of people I know enter races, and they seem to enjoy it.