Tree Up, Not Decorated; Running Out of Cards

I guess I wasn't as on top of the card situation as I thought I was. The first problem was that I didn't check the box when I picked up the cards, and the place where I got them shorted me 20 envelopes. So when I sat down to address them last night, I was thwarted. When I went back today to complain they gave me an additional stack of envelopes. Way more than cards I have left, but I think I'll save the rest for next year, in case they miscount again.

I thought I counted how many cards I needed accurately, but I guess I didn't. Since I thought I'd have 8-10 cards left over, but I have none left over. Well, I have our own copy, which I like to keep for reference, and I gave W a card of his own, and there is one emergency card I've kept in reserve in case it turns out that I totally forgot someone who really ought to get a card and I only realize it later. But I only have these two extras (I could snag W's copy back if I needed to) because I cut people from the list.

I should've updated the list with people who sent us cards last year BEFORE I ordered cards this year. It shouldn't be this complicated. Eh, I just checked the order form-- if I had gotten the next level up there would've been dozens left over, so I probably would've started cutting people anyway and kept my current quantity.

I had hoped to decorate the tree today, but that didn't work out.

What I did do was take the boys on a field trip to the airport. W was very happy to see the big wind socks in action. We could see one reasonably close from the edge of the rental car parking lot. There was another we could see in the distance. He really was keener on the wind socks than he was on the actual planes. Although he was impressed when a jet took off "very very fast!!". He also liked the control tower, but recognized the "no trespassing" sign on the gate and informed me that we couldn't go in there. He recognizes no trespassing signs since they're posted on all the fields along our daily walk. He knows they mean you're not supposed to go there.

Hopefully I'll get the cards that go out without gifts in the mail tomorrow. I haven't gotten any gifts yet, I'd like to get those in the mail by Thursday, so I really must focus. I might not get the tree done until Friday. Maybe I'll just put W in complete charge of tree decorating and forgo anything above 3'. That would be fine with me. . .