Potty Training Moving Right Along

Since just before Thanksgiving I've gotten more serious about getting W potty-trained. I'd made some half-hearted attempts while I was pregnant with M, but then W pretty much got a full pass to do whatever he wanted when I was tending the baby. Over the summer, sometimes W's babysitter would let him wear underpants, sometimes he's want a diaper.

But for the past several weeks, I don't allow him to wear a diaper around the house. At first, he put up quite a big fuss, but now he doesn't ask for the diaper quite so often. I don't get mad at him when he pees on the floor, but I do make him clean it up (since we have cloth diapers, he just has to get one from the changing table, sop up the pee until the floor is dry, then put the diaper in the diaper pail, no big deal). We do put him in a diaper overnight, but he's even stopped fussing about doing his "morning potty", and goes quickly by himself. He can now manage to get both his pants and diapers off by himself so I don't even need to get out of bed. Many days I reward him by letting him watch some Peppa Pig on the iPad, especially if he kept his overnight diaper dry.

W still doesn't like to sit on the pot as often as I would like him to, for my own peace of mind, but one trick I found that helps is to convince him to go on the potty "really really fast". I count (slowly) to twenty, and if he doesn't pee during that time he's all done and can get up and go back to playtime as soon as I get to twenty. But most of the time he does start peeing during the count, so he just stays until he's done. Sometimes he's done by a count of ten. And I remind him that without diapers, he really gets MORE playtime and less time in the bathroom if he always remembers to pee quickly right when he needs to, so we neither have to spend time cleaning the floor or getting into and out of diapers.

He regressed a little and pooped in his diapers a bit after M was born (which was expected, every parenting book I read said to expect regression when a sibling comes along), but that's all cleared up and he's back to 100% pooping in the potty, thankfully.

And now that M has been eating solids for a little while, his poop is now fully solid and more regular, and HE is pooping in the potty for me. I just hold his little baby self over the toilet and make the grunting noise like I did for W, et voila, the baby poops in the toilet. So much cleaner than dealing with poopy diapers, I really don't know why more mothers don't do this. I think it's easier to hold the baby over the toilet for a few minutes a day than to change poopy diapers, not more difficult. Maybe they think it's difficult without ever having tried it? Eh, I don't need to change the world, but it sure works for me.

I will definitely make a more concerted effort to get M fully potty trained earlier than I did W. If M starts walking and talking sooner than W did, that will help. W just couldn't manage the physical coordination of lining himself up and sitting onto the pot on his own for a long time, and potty training really is dependent on being able to physically use the potty by oneself, isn't it? M seems to be getting physical skills sooner than W did, so hopefully he'll be capable of using the potty before he starts getting "attitude". W is still a generally obedient little boy, but oy, the fuss he puts up sometimes when he doesn't want to do something. We don't see a lot of full-blown kicking and screaming tantrums (that seemed to be the 18-24 month window for W), but just crying and fussing, whining and crying. Although it actually is easing up a bit, one of my books said it usually peaks at 2.5 years, and sure enough, October (exactly when W turned 2.5) was probably the worst.