Some Decorations

T put the tree UP right after he chopped it down, but I wasn't ready to decorate it right then. It's mostly decorated now. I still have some ornaments out, but it's just one of the many projects I've lost momentum on, so what's on it now might be all it gets. We seem to have had some tinsel garland attrition between last year and now. Not surprising between the cats and the toddler that I would have had to toss some, but I really should have put that on a shopping list. Maybe I thought that the remaining tinsel would be enough to cover a tree? Perhaps-- our tree this year is a little larger than last.

I saw an ad for Martha Stewart ornaments sold at the Home Depot. She is apparently trying to get people to get their tree shimmery without using tinsel garland, and instead using her gold and silver glitter ornaments. If they're non-breakable, I'm totally going to buy into this trend. I can't be bothered to string garland all over the branches, hanging ornaments is so much easier.

And the only ornaments I have are red, except for a few faux presents from ikea in silver and blue. I think I originally got them to hang on the tree by the mailbox, they are plastic and non-breakable. But now given the toddler and crawling infant situation, I think I will be opting for non-breakable ornaments in the house for the next few years at the least. Actually, W did manage to break some, but at least the shards won't cut him to shreds.

I will eventually post a photo of the decorated tree. When I finally admit that the decorating is complete. It might be soon, I'm starting to get annoyed with the ornament boxes stacked in the kitchen. If W is happy with the amount of ornaments, I think I will take that as a cue that I be happy with the amount of ornaments. I certainly see no reason to not leave open the possibility that the tree can look better every year! Seriously, by the time these kids are older I might even get my act together enough to prune some of the pine seedlings so they grow up looking like fancy Christmas trees, instead of these, ahem, colonial style ones we've got now. . .

No apologies are necessary for my wreath. I made it at the Monticello wreath workshop last weekend. I had intended for it to hang outside our front door, but I couldn't find my wreath hanger, so I had to hang it on the wreath hanger I have on my interior door (the exterior door is too thick to use this particular one, otherwise I would have just moved it). It's been a few years since I went to a wreath workshop, but I'm glad I went again. Everyone's wreaths always turn out beautifully. I have the parts necessary to make my own at home now (I would of course have to FIND them, which is not a sure thing), but it was much easier to go somewhere where everything was all laid out neatly and helpful experts were there to make suggestions and correct our mistakes. . .