Merry Christmas to Me

I dread spending any time with my nieces since at any time at least one of the three is sick. And this last visit was no exception-- the sick one I guess is too little to master use of a tissue, so she wipes her snot on her hands, and then proceeds to wipe it on any available surface. It was gross.

And sure enough, both M and I are now sick. T is helping out by watching W, so M and I can chill out and get extra rest. I'm up to my mega-doses of vitamin C, so hopefully I'll be recovered soon.

But this is the second Christmas I've had to deal with a cold caught from those girls, and I've had enough. My boys can spend time with their cousins when they're older and not constantly sick. I don't let them play with other sick kids, and I'm tired making exceptions for family. We'll have to find some creative solution for next Christmas that will allow us to avoid spending time in a room covered in toddler snot.