I'm Not Alone

I ran into another parent whose kids are having what I will call "Holliday Issues". After just two nights away, my youngest just yesterday went to sleep at the usual time. W has still not recovered fully from his potty-training setback. But the other parent had it worse-- they were away for eight days, and he says his youngest's sleep schedule has been set back six months. We both agreed that it really makes you think long and hard about taking the kids anywhere since it's not much of a "vacation" when you're away, and it's even worse when you come home.

On the bright side, the megadoses of vitamin C I've given everyone seem to have done the trick, and our colds are gone. I felt a little tired and run down today, but not sick. A few hours in the sunshine was really nice. Neither child napped, but Max and I lay on a blanket in the sun this afternoon while W played in the sandbox. It was warm enough in the sun that I took off my sweater and was comfortable in a tank top.

And the weather is supposed to be nice all weekend! I think there will be a lot of just "hanging out" scheduled for me and the boys. I got enough groceries today to get us through the weekend, so I don't think I'll need to run any errands. But I do have a coupon to the charming local toy store that expires tomorrow, and one of the Grandmas sent Christmas money, so I might take the boys out for an excursion. T's got a business meeting tomorrow, so I'll have to entertain the kids all day. Usually I get a few hours break on the weekends, but I don't mind. But a trip to a toy store would be a fun weekend activity for them.

I used to scour the papers for fun things I could do with W, but I don't even bother looking anymore. With the nap schedule such as it is, there is such a narrow window for our activities, and it's not even the same time every day, that the odds of finding an appropriate activity at exactly the right time is so small I don't waste time searching. I learned with W, that if you interfere with the nap for an activity, he won't enjoy it as much anyway since he'll be irritable because he's tired. And Max has TWO naps to work around, so my forays out of the house are limited.

I console myself by thinking that it's a fairly recent development that people take their young kids all over the place for activities. For hundreds of years, they mostly just hung around the house with their mother, right? It's all very Mr. Rogers; my kids get plenty of time at the grocery store, the post office, the library, the bank (W knows just how to charm the tellers to get lollipops galore), and we'll visit the neighbors from time to time. Sometimes we'll go to a park, or out to lunch, or I'll have an errand to run downtown. But I'm pretty sure I'm done with the classes or places that cater to toddlers. Lucky for me, I think W won't remember everywhere I took him, so he won't be able to mention it to Max, who will miss out. Instead, I can pretty much provide all that stimulation somewhere her on the farm, either inside or outside. Although I might give playgroups another try. I liked the one we were in two winters ago while it lasted. It fell apart over the next summer when the moms involved had different ideas about sun exposure (half wanted to meet at the beach at noon when it was hottest, the other half thought that was crazy).