Uh-oh! Terry Will Be Hungry!

I was all set to drive into town this afternoon to run errands, including grocery shopping. But then I remembered that the editor of the Crozet Gazette asked me for a photo to run next to the crossword puzzle I created, since it will be my debut as a "puzzlemaster." I didn't have any recent photos I liked, and it seems a little disingenuous to submit a photo from 2004, so I took some photos today. I set my camera up on a tripod, set the timer, and took a bunch of photos. First in my dining room against the red wall, then out on the porch against the white siding and lastly with the mountains as a backdrop.

I chose a photo from the dining room series. It was very easy to change it to black & white and adjust the contrast and blur the background using Picasa2 (one of my favorite Google apps) and so I fired that off to the editor. I was so pleased with the result that I also took a moment to update the photo on my Facebook page. And then I remembered that I wanted to post my photo-blog here on this site also, but I'd need to install an image module.

So I did that, and have been testing the results on my offline test site. And then my stomach growled and here it is 6:40pm and I haven't even gone to the grocery store, let alone prepared dinner. And Terry, bless his heart, is outside working up a sweat digging holes to plant a dozen forsythia on one of the driveway hills. I'd better get moving. Forget about driving into town, I'll just have to make do with whatever I can find at the Great Valu.