If Not One Thing, Then Another

It seems that I'm starting the year with some sort of eye infection. My eye started getting a little red last night, but I rinsed it and figured it would be fine in the morning. Nope, it's worse. I rinsed it longer this morning, and after that it no longer feels like something's stuck in it. But it's still swollen and red and oozy.

I suspect it's an allergic reaction-- I recall a similar thing happened before when I got a cat hair in my eye. Although I didn't notice any unusual cat contact this time, who knows? It could be caused by any number of irritants, I think. I took an antihistamine, and while my eye is still swollen, it itches less, so it might be helping. I'll take another before bed, and hopefully wake up feeling better in the morning. If not, then I guess I get another sick day. I'm totally not going out in public with this red, swollen, oozing eye.