First Bout with Official Pink Eye

I wasn't going to bother going to the doctor for the eye infection, but T insisted I go on Monday. Since all the doctor's offices were closed for New Year's (I called every eye doctor in town, plus our family doctor), he still wouldn't let me defer until Tuesday, so I went to the PromptCare clinic.

I waited an hour and half to be seen, but half the others in the waiting room were coughing up a lung, so I was pretty depressed about the situation, I didn't want to have an eye infection AND get sick.

The nurse examined my eye and said that I indeed have this "pink eye" I've heard about. It's nasty. I can see why people don't like to get it. And I've heard it gets passed around the family, so even if you get rid of it, if it's not gone from EVERYONE then you'll likely get it again. Sure enough, little M's left eye started looking pink earlier this week. I give him drops when I get mine, and his eye looks better already. But mine still looks horrible.

I made T go out for groceries today, I'm still not keen to leave the house like this. My eye is sore, not the eyeball itself, but the skin around it from being perpetually covered in tears and eye goo. A warm compress does help for comfort, but it's hard to hold one on while minding the children.

T and I took turns napping today-- I slept with M in the morning, and he slept with W in the afternoon. We both feel like we've been "coming down with" something for days now, but haven't really gotten sick. I don't know if my body's response to fighting the pink eye infection is making me fatigued or if I have whatever stealth cold T has. Either way, I don't feel so good. Both T and I are trying to get as much rest as possible, figuring whatever is ailing us will go away sooner if we just rest and let our immune systems do whatever is is they do that is so fatiguing to us.