Max In the City

I've got a reason to see some friends in NYC, and have decided to fly up for a long weekend with baby M. It will be his first major trip. I think W had been to both LA and NYC by time he was M's current age, so he retains his title as my most well-traveled baby. But while I thought about the best way to make this trip, I dreaded the thought of having to deal with T, W, and M in the city in the dead of winter. T doesn't fit himself into the mother/child routine very well, the very short and inefficient excursions punctuated by frequent naptimes drive him crazy and he does NOT enjoy himself. But M is still so young no way did I want to leave him even for a few days-- there will be plenty of time to leave him when he's older. I only have a short bit of time during my life when I have a babe-in-arms, and I love carrying him around with me everywhere.

But the friend I'm seeing this trip ALSO has a young babe-- her boy is now 2 months old (to M's six), so we can do mother & infant activities together all day. M is easier to shop with than W, and N lives mere blocks from Century 21, which has such extended hours we could even fit in a little trip BEFORE the morning naps! Whooo! The only negative is that it's c-o-l-d in NYC this time of year. But I am armed with a warm coat-- although I will have to devise a way to keep it closed while I'm wearing M. Or we'll just bundle up the boys in blankets and pop them in a stroller. N's the expert with city kids, but I lived up there for several years so at least I'm prepared for the weather. The silver lining is that there's not as many crowds this time of year-- all the tourists clear out after the holidays, and the locals don't come back from Palm Beach until March, so it's really just the working stiffs in the city in January.

I'm looking forward to the trip. It will be fun to have a little getaway, just Max and me. T is going to take W on a trip during the same time-- but they'll be going to FL to visit T's mother. That makes more sense from a weather perspective, but since I'm going up for an event that isn't a factor for me. And the spas and shopping are just as good in the winter as in the summer, and neither are of any interest to T and W, so it's just as well they've found something fun to do for themselves.