Who Is Correct?

Now I'm wondering if my pink eye would be going away faster if I just left it alone. I've been using the eye drops prescribed by a nurse practitioner for a full four days now, and my eyes are worse than they were before. Because now BOTH of them are infected. I've been using one to two drops per eye every eight hours, as prescribed.

But today I read the fine print on the tiny bottle, and it said the usual dosage was one to two drops every FOUR hours.

So who is right? The manufacturer of the drug, or the nurse practitioner working at PromptCare?

I asked T, and he said to look it up on the internet for third opinion.

The FDA has the same information as the manufacturer, with the additional tidbit that the drug should be used one or two drops EVERY HOUR for severed cases, then you can back off the dosage. To every FOUR hours. Never every eight hours.

They also warn that if you don't take the antibiotics properly, the germs can grow resistant and overrun your eye. Hmmm. I wonder if that could be why my eyes are WORSE after four days of treatment?

I used to think nurse practitioners are fine and competent, but I have reassessed that. I am going to start these drops once per hour until my eyes look human again. Then I will use them every 4 hours. If that fixes my eyes, then I will know that the nurse practitioner was completely incompetent and caused me more pain rather than healing me and I will tell everyone I know to avoid that lady.

If it does NOT fix my eyes, then it was just a misdiagnosis, or a strain of bacteria not covered by this particular drug, which could happen to any doctor. But I will certainly go to a different doctor to get a new prescription.