Spinsock Is Nearly Done

I've been working on sewing a wind sock for W since New Year's Eve, and it's nearly done.

I decided to make a "spin sock" instead of a plain wind sock, just because I thought it would be more interesting for me to look at out the window, not because W has any fascination with the spinning kind.

I used this pattern, more or less. I basically did half-scale. My triangles are cut from 6" x 54" rectangles instead of 1' x 10'. I made my first mark 1" from the edge, the second at 6", and the last at 39". I only used two colors instead of three since I wasn't really paying attention to the pattern when I went fabric shopping, I just totally guessed at how much ripstop I'd need.

I've got the whole thing sewn together, but I have yet to attach the webbing bridle attachments, or the bridle. I need to get some webbing, kite string, and a large fishing spinner next time I go shopping, then I can finish up this project and run it up the flagpole.

Hopefully it will spin. I know absolutely nothing about wind sock construction other than what I found on that one page online. I don't care that much if it doesn't spin, since W just wants a regular wind sock anyway. But it will look cooler if it does.

I still have the pink eye, so I don't know when I'll be able to leave the house again. Hopefully it'll clear up sometime in the next few days. I've been on antibiotics for five days now, but I think the nurse practitioner made a medical error when she prescribed the dosage. On my own volition I took a cue from the manufacturer's page and from Thursday to Friday did 1 drop per hour for 24 hours, now I'm back to one drop per 4 hours. I only got worse when I followed the nurse's instruction of one drop every 8 hours. If my eyes are not back to white by Monday, I think I will try to see my regular doctor, since that will be 7 days on antibiotics. Maybe the mis-dosage made mine drug-resistant, or maybe I've got some variant that this particular antibiotic doesn't work with. But that's my last resort, I'm still hopeful that my eyes will look better by then.