Better Living Through eBay

Although we're music class dropouts dur to W's crowd and noise phobia, I still like the Music Together program and want to continue it at home. So I went to the main website to buy this session's songbook and CDs.

But they won't sell their songbooks and CDs, they want you to take the class with a certified instructor.

I see where they're coming from, because it's about more than just listening to the songs, there is a whole interactive thing that goes along with it that helps the kids gain musicality through their whole bodies, which makes sense to me. So if they just sold the songs to any random person then their kids wouldn't necessarily get the benefit of the program as intended, and they'd wind up with undeserved bad reviews.

But I want to homeschool the music class, with the goofy actions and everything. I don't want to shortchange my son's musical development because he had the misfortune to inherit a social phobia from his father. But there's really no treatment for his fear until age six or seven, so all I can do really is protect him from environments he considers scary. So for now at least, the "official" class is not an option. I might try again once M is walking and can participate on his own.

Enter eBay. A quick search yielded both the songbook and CDs for the current session. And since they were not from the same seller, due to the vagaries of product groupings it was economical for me to go ahead and get the book and CD for the " summer songs"
session as well. So we'll be able to try "Bells" on our own where at home, and keep up with the program, despite the official attempts to thwart all non-certified participation.

T said he'd help with the class, so it wouldn't be just me singing to the kids-- they're supposed to experience group singing. True enough we're still not much of a group with only two parents, a toddler, and an infant, but it will have to do. I am very curious to see if W participates more when it's just family. When I did a few at-home faux music classes using the old material, he was actually singing and participating way more than he ever did in class. I don't recall ever hearing him sing a word in three semesters. But I don't know how he'll react with new material. I think he'll enjoy it more at home, although perhaps he will miss out on certain polyphony auditory experiences that are better with a larger group. But hey, he's two years old, no need to worry about the optimization of everything in his life, there will be plenty of time to make up whatever has been missed once his no longer terrified of loud groups. And it will be a little test for me to see if I like structured homeschooling. I might find out that I lack the internal motivation to stick with the program, I really have no idea if I'll be able to pull this off, but I will try.